Dating fireplaces

dating fireplaces

Are fireplaces still important in period homes?

Whether highly ornate or simple and rustic, a fireplace continues to be a source of warmth and comfort in the home—still one of the most desired elements in any period house today. Mary Ellen Polson is a writer and Senior Editor for Arts & Crafts Homes, Early Homes, and Old House Journal.

What do you need to know about large domestic fireplaces?

These large domestic fireplaces may have had ovens to the side, built-in seats or cupboards, and the remains of iron jacks, pot cranes or hooks can still sometimes be found. Such surviving fittings are important since they may be all that remains of the complex equipment needed to cook on an open fire.

What is an antique fireplace?

A typical antique fireplace of this period is easily sorted from the proceeding Victorian and Georgian period fireplaces, these designs were very organic incorporating more floral and plant inspired motifs, as well as highly stylised flowing curvilinear forms.

Can a mantelpiece make a fireplace?

A mantelpiece can really make a fireplace and acts as an architectural anchor in your room. Whether you prefer a grand one with carved feet and ornate patterns, a simple wood frame, or even a sleek silver number, this is a great way to make more of a feature of your fire.

What is a fireplace in a period home?

Period homes are often renowned for being cold and difficult to heat, but a fireplace creates the ultimate cosy and comforting atmosphere. Fireplaces come in many forms, ranging from the large inglenooks found in early homes, to the cast-iron, marble and wooden surrounds of the Georgian and Victorian eras.

Why do houses have so many fireplaces?

With the invention of brick, homes were built with larger centralized fireplaces and more expensive homes often included more than one to provide more localized heat for occupants. As heating & cooling technologies advanced, the fireplace took a less centralized role and became more of an aesthetic feature in the home.

Do I need a fireplace in my home?

Do I need a fireplace? The most popular reasons for having a fireplace in new build homes are: Architectural / visual interest - creating a focal point in the main area of your home A place to hang stockings and/or display decor items

When did the fireplace become the centrepiece of a house?

By the second quarter of the 18th century, the fireplace had become the centrepiece of the main reception room, so if youre lucky enough to live in a home of this period, choose a fire surround that really draws attention to it.

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