Dating hubertus knives

dating hubertus knives

Are Hubertus Knives Any good?

Hubertus Solingen is a world famous German knife manufacturer. The high quality, the time tested manufacturing process, the attention to details and the dedication to their products make these company to something special. Hubertus knives are known all over the world.

What is a Hubertus lever lock knife?

The Hubertus lever lock or switchblade knives – called Springer – are a synonym for the high quality made by Hubertus Solingen. Especially in the United States they are very popular with a huge fan base.

Who makes the Hubertus Boy Scout knife?

During the second world war the official boy scout knife was produced by the Kuno Ritter company . In 1950 the brand name Hubertus was added to the company – named by the patron saint of all hunters – and all blades were marked with the new brand name.

What are the best knife manufacturers in Solingen?

Especially the large amount of small, traditional, creative manufacturers – one of them is Hubertus. The Hubertus Solingen factory Kuno Ritter is one of the few knife manufacturers from Solingen, which produce handmade traditional hunting knives, Nicker, sport- and pocket knives.

Why choose Hubertus rescue knives?

Innovative HUBERTUS rescue knives as our series PROFI RESCUE TOOL complement the protective equipment of German and international rescue services. Our RRK-Race and Rescue Knife-series with fixed blade is recommended by sailors and professional operators in the models RRK Nautic and RRK Rescue.

Who is Hubertus?

Solingen, Klingenstadt („the city of blades“) and center of the world-famous German knife industry is our home since Kuno Ritter founded our company in 1932. Our brand HUBERTUS is a registered trademark® for all kind of cutlery and toolings since 1899.

Is Hubertus a registered trademark?

Our brand HUBERTUS is a registered trademark® for all kind of cutlery and toolings since 1899.

What knives are made in Solingen?

We offer high quality German knives made in Solingen e.g. pocket knives, fixed blade knives, daggers, hunting knives, military knives and even gravity knives. You’ll find a selection of the best brands from Solingen gathered in one shop. We are based in Germany, therefore we can stay in close contact with the manufacturers.

Where are knives made in Germany?

These brands all started out from Solingen and are still manufacturing knives from the city. Boker is a famous German brand and one of the many known companies that manufacture the best German-made pocket knives, fixed-blade hunting knives, and kitchen knives.

What products are made in Solingen?

Professional Knives, Scissors and Manicure products from Solingen. Made in Germany In our shop youll find top quality knives, scissors, manicure and pedicure items and more made in Solingen, the world famous city of blades. Germany Solingen SG-web set of 9pcs....

Are Linder knives made in Germany?

Linder is another well-known brand hailing from Solingen that makes German knives for sale worldwide. Founded by Carl Linder in the City of Blades in 1908, this company initially made pocket knives. When the business grew, it started to expand and make what Linder is now famous for—hunting knives.

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