Reddit dating someone with cerebral palsy

reddit dating someone with cerebral palsy

Is it hard meeting girls when you have cerebral palsy?

Its hard meeting girls when you have Cerebral Palsy. Hello, I noticed a lot of people on here have real problems, things like unplanned pregnancies, poverty and broken homes. So I feel terrible that this bothers me so much when my problems are no way near as bad.

What is it like to date someone with CP?

I dated someone with severe CP once, it affected his legs and he had a lot of trouble walking. The only real difference between being with him and a fully able-bodied person was that there were just certain positions we couldnt do. Other than that it was perfectly normal.

Should I Tell my Boyfriend He has mild cerebral palsy?

Hi, I have mild cerebral palsy, Im also a guy. Honestly, it probably just depends on his particular physical quirks. Im not sure why anybody would necessarily need to know unless it is immediately obvious hes disabled. You should allow him to disclose if he wants to disclose, dont do it for him.

Is it a shame that most people dont know much about cerebral palsy?

I think its a shame that most people dont know much about Cerebral palsy and just avoid those with it because they dont understand or assume its a mental handicap. Clearly youre an intelligent and articulate guy, passionate about hobbies and the same as everyone else really; it just sucks that people cant see past it.

How did your son with cerebral palsy meet girls?

My son has cerebral palsy as well. He struggles with many of the same issues you do. One thing that really helped his self-confidence, and helped him meet girls, was getting involved in para-sports. You dont even have to be really athletic to find a sport you like.

Are there dating sites for people with cerebral palsy?

If you are a person with CP, then you’ve likely wondered if there are specific sites dedicated to dating for people with disabilities. The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” There are lots of reasons why, especially if you’ve never dated before, you’re interested in meeting someone who also has CP or a similar condition.

How do you deal with a partner with cerebral palsy?

Just like any other partner, people with cerebral palsy want their independence. If you’re the person with CP in the relationship, you can and should remind your partner of this. You can say something like, “I know you only want to help, but I would prefer to do this on my own,” or “Please be patient with me.

Does cerebral palsy affect your sex life and sexual feelings?

It’s time to bring awareness to sex and disability. Cerebral palsy does affect my sex life and sexual feelings. I become incredibly nervous when thinking about having sexual interactions because I feel like I will not be able to satisfy any man with my condition if I were to have in real life.

What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability of childhood. About 1 in 345 children has been identified with CP according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.

What are some common myths about cerebral palsy?

Myth: Cerebral palsy is caused by lack of oxygen at birth Fact: Only a very small percentage of cases of CP are due to complications at birth (such as lack of oxygen) and in most cases, the cause is unknown. There is no single cause of CP. Myth: All people with cerebral palsy have an intellectual disability

Can you have more than one type of cerebral palsy?

Some people have symptoms of more than one type of CP. The most common type of mixed CP is spastic-dyskinetic CP.

Is cerebral palsy the sexiest of the palsies?

Its the sexiest of the palsies... I think its a shame that most people dont know much about Cerebral palsy and just avoid those with it because they dont understand or assume its a mental handicap.

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