Cost of match dating site

cost of match dating site

Is match cheaper than other dating sites?

Even if we took away all of the deals above, Match would still be more reasonably priced than most other dating sites out there. The general cost of per month depends on which type of subscription you pick.

How much does match cost per month?

Well, has two pricing structures, the Basic Plan and the Bundle Plan. A typical membership for is going to run you anywhere from $16-20 a month, depending on the length of membership you get. If you choose to only try one month of membership, it’s going to cost you more—around $35.

How much does it cost to try online dating for one month?

If you choose to only try one month of membership, it’s going to cost you more—around $35. Like most online dating sites, you save more when you commit to more. And we think this is fair because our research shows that only committing to one month of online dating leaves many people frustrated with the process.

How can I save money on a match com membership?

Either way, if you want to save money on a membership, pay for at least a three-month membership. (For more reasons to commit to more than one month, check out our 3 Reasons to Give Online Dating 3 Months Before You Quit post.) offers a few membership perks for a few dollars more a month ($3 max).

How does match compare to other dating sites?

One of the top benefits that Match offers, which differentiates them from other dating sites, is their 6 month guarantee. If within six months you don’t find a real match (and no, not simply someone Match recommended that you didn’t like), you will get another six months at no charge.

Why is match com so popular?

Look, has been around longer than some of its users, and the online dating site has stood the test of time because it has something of value to offer single people. I’ve met some great guys and gone on some great dates because of, and I know some friends who have met their spouses on the dating site or app.

How much does match cost?

Thankfully, with numerous affordable — and even free — options, can save you money in the online dating scene, at least. So how much does Match cost? Here are all the prices you need to know about: 1. The Cost to Join is $0 The initial cost of is a whopping $0, and that’s with taxes included.

Is match com Legit?

Yes, is Legit So, is good — like really good? The simple answer is yes. The more detailed answer is Match is VERY good because the online dating service has been around longer than any other dating site or app.

How much does a match com membership cost?

The longer you commit to, the more money you save on the monthly cost. 1-month membership: $41.99 3-month membership: $26.99 per month (pay a total of $80.97 but save 53%).

What are the benefits of being a free member of match?

As a free member, you can create a profile, post photos, search for matches, send Likes to other members, and benefit from their unique matching systems that will deliver potential matches directly to you! They might also send you promotional emails, which include deals on their paid membership options.

How do I get a discount on match?

How do you get a discount on The best way to save is by opting for a one-year Standard or Premium subscription, which will save you over 50% compared to paying by the month. Still looking for a deal?

Is it possible to get your favorites on match com for cheap?

It’s a piece of cake to get your favorites by spending less money. provides a broad option of Dating & Personals at an affordable price. voucher is in your hands. Make use of this deal before it expires…

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