Harry and ginny fanfiction dating

harry and ginny fanfiction dating

Does Harry think he and Ginny are dating?

Summary: Harry thinks he and Ginny are dating. Its up to Ginny to correct the misconception and send him into the waiting arms of his patient lover. Well, perhaps not so patient. A story of love and Quidditch.

What did Harry Potter think when he first saw Ginny?

They caught eyes, and Ginny simply looked at him. Harry thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Regaining control over herself, she set her essay on the side of her, and rested her hand on his leg. Ginny saw him immediately blush, so she decided to take it further.

What did Harry note about Ginny when he kissed her?

Ginny and Harry were kissing each other, as if they were fighting over the last of the oxygen. Their tongues battled wildly as Harry gently lowered Ginny onto her bed. As they broke the kiss to breathe Harry noted the beauty of his girlfriend below him. She had a youthful, pretty face with full, pink lips and freckled cheeks.

What did Harry do to Ginnys G-spot?

He quickened the pace and soon had Ginny squirming under his mouth. He then took two fingers and inserted them into her vagina, and began to pump. As he curled them and found her g-spot, Ginny cried out and her juices flowed forth and Harry lay on his back next to her again.

Why didn’t Harry date Ginny?

Throughout Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry was conflicted over wanting to date Ginny and his friendship with Ron. He was certain she would be open to being with him (read the next point to know why), and it was only his worry that Ron would be angry that he didn’t act upon it.

Is Harry Potter in love with Ginny twice?

Before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry was never shown even thinking once about Ginny let alone twice; however, he became completely entranced by her in the sixth novel. This is the reason why not everyone is crazy about this pairing as there was no development toward it.

Where did Harry and Ginny spend their summer together?

In Order of the Phoenix, Ginny and Harry spent nearly an entire summer together at Grimmauld Place, headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Not the most romantic of venues, of course, but the cramped atmosphere and the endless cleaning tasks brought them closer together.

How did Ginny and Harry’S relationship blossom from book to book?

Here’s how Ginny and Harry’s relationship blossomed from book to book. Because when it comes to true love, we’re very weird and like to nitpick every moment. Ginny Weasley didn’t get the coolest introduction to Harry’s life. She was 11, she was awestruck and she had the biggest crush ever.

=> In the books, Ginny didn’t say anything after Harry kised her or she migh said something but we don’t know. Ginny leads Harry into a room, and kissed him, then she LEFT! This is simply a created scene and it doesn’t make any sense. Also, Ginny didn’t say anything after kissing Harry in the movies! When did Harry start liking Ginny?

What happened to Ginny at the end of Harry Potter?

Was Harry Potter ever attracted to Ginny?

Harry was very much attracted to Ginny – as seen in disturbing narration during Half-Blood Prince – but that wasn’t the first time he was physically attracted to a girl. It happened for the first time in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where Harry first laid eyes on Cho and began blushing.

What happened to Ginny in the prisoner of Azkaban?

It happened for the first time in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where Harry first laid eyes on Cho and began blushing. This attraction lasted for two more years, and during that time Harry didn’t give two hoots about what Ginny was doing. Due to this, Ginny was pretty much an absentee character around this time.

How did Ginny become friends with Harry and Ron?

By the time Harry hit his fourth year, Ginny was like the honorary member of the Harry, Ron and Hermione circle of trust. Thanks to a summer at the Quidditch World Cup, a more mature Ginny easily slid into the friendship group.

Why did Ginny Weasley knock over her porridge bowl?

During Harry’s first visit to the Weasley home, Ginny was a little flustered. The moment she saw Harry, Ginny accidentally knocked her porridge bowl to the floor with a loud clatter. Ginny seemed very prone to knocking things over whenever Harry entered a room.

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