Non dating registration plates

non dating registration plates

Can I use a dateless number plate on my car?

Normally, you are not allowed to use a number plate that makes a vehicle appear newer than it is. A dateless number plate, however, can be used on any vehicle. This means if you have a vehicle, you have put time and effort into keeping it looking clean and new, you can use a dateless number plate to hide its age.

What is a non-dating number plate on a car?

Dateless or non-dating number plates are a great way to remove the age from your vehicle. As the name suggests, these number plates have no date or year identifier. Because of this they can go onto any age of vehicle (car or bike) without restriction. This type of plate is often referred to as a cherished number plate.

How do I create a dateless license plate?

If you have specific initials or numbers, you can enter them into the search box otherwise leave this blank and our system will return all letter and number combinations. Next you can select the letter and number format you would like the dateless plates to be. A 1x1 plate will either be a letter followed by a number, or vice versa.

What if I cant find the number plate I want?

If you cant find the number plate you are looking for, please call our team on 01482 627628 and we will be happy to help. Dateless number plates are private registrations that do not have a date or year identifier.

What are dateless number plates?

What are Dateless Number Plates? Dateless private plates can be transferred to any age vehicle since the age-related rule - you cant use a registration to make a vehicle appear newer than it is - does not apply to dateless registrations.

Why do number plates in the UK have no year identifier?

They have no year identifier. Why do UK number plates carry age identifiers? Between 1903 and 1963 UK registrations were all dateless, so there was no way of knowing (without specialist knowledge) when a registration was issued (and hence the age of the vehicle the reg was on).

Can I put a personalised number plate on my car?

That means you cannot put a registration number on your car if it was issued after your car was first registered. For example, if your vehicle was registered in (say) June 2006, you cannot put a personalised number plate on it that has 08 in the middle.

What was the first number plate without a date on it?

The first dateless reg issued was ‘A 1’, which was issued in 1903. The letter ‘A’ was the area marker for London, and the number 1 represented it being the first plate issued in that area. A number of other area codes were used, although much like the current style location markers, they did not make much sense!

What happens if you buy a car without a number plate finder?

If you bought the car without checking number plate search history, it could lead to a lot of financial troubles along with the consequence of losing your car. Having a number plate finder makes it easy to find a good used car saving you money in the long run.

How do I check if number plates are taken?

Here’s how to check if number plates are taken. You can search online via number plate sales specialist websites – like us right here at New Reg. Simply enter the exact registration you want to enquire about into the search box, and if it is available then the plate and price for it will show right at the top of the list of options.

Why do you need a car number plate check?

A number plate check helps avoid trouble cars, buy a car worth your time and money. Check for authenticity of the number plate and if it matches with the logbook. Obtain a car number plate check along with all the important checks needed to consider before buying a used car.

Is it possible to change the number plate of your car?

It is possible to change number plate of your car if you wish, there are customised number plates which can be used. There is always a catch when you buy a second hand car that has undergone number plate change. It could end up hiding major issues of the car.

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